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Frequent Shipper Membership Application

This system is completely SECURE, and is free to use. Your application information will not be sold or given to any other party. It is simply used to facilitate the processing of your application.

The use of this system will drastically reduce time spent on rating and processing shipments. The system also offers some of the most competitive rates available.

The bottom line? Using the service offered by Highway Freight will greatly increase productivity and bottom line profits.

Want to check it out for yourself? Click here for a free demo!

Benefits of becoming a "Frequent Shipper" member:

  • Instant Multi-Carrier rating with customized pricing tailored to your company's shipping needs.
  • Consignee database of frequent ship-to locations loaded into your database for ease of shipment processing.
  • Specific "commodity and packing" database tailored to your company's shipments.
  • Elimination of "constant multi-carrier billing", simplifying the billing process with one monthly invoice containing details of all your monthly shipments.
  • Ease of operation: the system can be used by virtually anyone, which increases productivity and bottom line profits.
  • 24 hour support: our staff is committed to "Total Customer Satisfaction".
  • E-mail notification: Gives your company the ability to inform all parties associated with a particular shipment, eliminating phone calls and paper flow, reducing your company's efficiencies, and, in turn, improving your customer's satisfaction levels.

If you have questions or would like to speak to a representative regarding our Frequent Shipper program, you can reach us at (256) 852-5535.

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